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Project Life

Anyone out there still doing this?


I have been trying, I have good weeks and bad weeks- and since I am trying to do last years book and this years book at the same time, it’s a little challenging.


I have been doing a lot of different sized page protectors- either by buying them or making my own.


This years book contains a lot more “pieces” of day to day life. As I do last years book I don’t have this kind of thing so it is more just pictures.


I love these page protectors that have the vertical slots as I seem to take a lot of vertical pictures


When I work weekly I remember more details, or sometimes I just refer to the blog to fill in the gaps


I go back and forth between printing my own pictures or having them printed somewhere else


I included new recipes that we tried




One of the best parts about this is having a place for artwork the kids bring home from school. Instead of a big bin full of crumpled art, I save my faves for the book



Blake’s self portrait. Tan skin and camo pants


I threw this one in- it needs a custom page protector that I haven’t made yet. At Austin’s middle school, the walls are tiled with handmade tiles of each kid that went to school there, not sure when they started this but so far they have not filled up the walls of the circa 1900 building. This is Austin’s


I love having this time capsule of a year in the life


A lot of times I stuff pics in to be worked with later. Because it is sorta like a puzzle- making them all fit


I have been including my flickr faves- because they are a part of the story



Ok, last I bought a different binder, and I am pretty sure it’s going to take more than one book per year. I love these binders, as you can see, Eva added her own touch.

I use the binder that came with the Project Life kit to hold extra page protectors and stuff.


And finally if you haven’t seen this video by Becky Higgins about well, life- you should. If nothing else to see her fabulous house!!

azjenny - If you have a minute, I would love to hear how you are going about making the custom size page protectors. I need to do this. Thanks!

Hannah - I should try this for next year. I had been doing photo books but I ordered actual prints…just from snapfish not thing fancy… and I now remember how much I love snapshots. i’ve ordered at least 500 prints in the past three weeks.