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Cannonball Splash

We jumped right into summer around here and I am loving it. My poor Coley man is having a rough one though. He developed allergies this year that has been like nothing I have ever seen. I know bad allergies but this dude is out of commission. He is miserable. I am hoping that our trip to Texas in a few weeks will dry him out because I think he must be allergic to mold or something that has popped up from the nonstop rain we had this year.


I feel so sorry for him. He is living on Benadryl. Saturday Andy had some work to do around the house before he took the kids to the pool so he brought home this backyard slide. Cole’s buddy Nate came to play.


They loved this thing


Can I tell you that I am so happy to have warmth and sunshine? Even if it was in the 90’s, even if we completely skipped Spring.


The girly loved watching the boys be crazy


And then of course wanted to join them




Love this one


Nate kept asking Eva if she would be his girlfriend. Cole kept saying “NO”



Hello Summer, I have never been more happy to see you


meg duerksen - ohhh….i think my kids would like that!
i will have to keep my eyes open for it.

Hannah - That looks like a blast! I might have to check one of those out. The kids popped their water slide and even though it was fun it was a major pain to set up and take down on a daily basis.

We just got back from the beach so I am trying to catch up. I’m glad you enjoyed the workshop. I can’t wait to see what you learned and what you do!

Can you believe how stinking hot it is right now? Straight into Summer. 🙂

Ps…JEALOUS of that MJ order!!