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Hello June

I am so happy to see you yet amazed that you are already here. Half the year gone. Whoa.


My family pics have been so lacking lately as I conquer photoshop and taking pics of people that are not a part of my family, well lets just say it has left me less than inspired to edit my own pictures so I tend to upload them right off of the camera these days.


But that’s ok, she’s cute without any edits.

We have all sorts of stuff blooming in the yard.


And last night I kicked off summer with my fave summer meal of pasta, fresh mozzarella balls, organic tomatoes, oregano, garlic, and fresh basil from the yard.


I love this picture even with all of the backyard crap on the driveway


Yesterday I took the girly to get her first haircut, she did great. They cut it into a bob and then french braided the side and it looked so cute, until she pulled it out when I wasn’t looking.


And then it looked like a mess- like it always does, only shorter


But for some reason she loves it that way


I love June and all of its crazy end of year parties, Supergames, pool parties- and then most important, the three boys that have birthdays!!

I am so ready for school to be over, to pack the family up and head south to hang with the cousins for a week. To eat some decent Mexican food.


Eva kept yelling for Cole through our mail slot “COLE!!” yes, now she decided she will say his name.


But she still calls this dude “G”


After walking home from school in the 94 degree heat he kept saying “water, water, water” as he headed inside.

Ok last I put this video on my fb page but I realized that my dad would probably love it and he isn’t on fb so I am gonna post it here

Hannah - Her hair is cute! Sophia refuses to let me fix her hair if we are at home. I am constantly combing food, glue and mud out of it. Crazy child.

I was trying to wrap my head around June yesterday too. I am excited for it but that is just so much closer to winter again.