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Things I like Thursday!

This is my fave snack right now- with a little flax granola on top. Yum!

This is just over the top pretty. The colors, the door, everything.

No Brainer- I so need this sign below

Instead of dwelling on the fact that the 13 year had to be grounded yesterday for a bad attitude yesterday and the two year old has had two bad days of being very naughty hitting everybody and the dog, I have decided to embrace the words of the lady that stopped by to take Andy’s blood for his new insurance policy. “I never thought I would miss the chaos, but I miss it everyday.”
Or the statement I have heard from three different people lately, “if I had known how fast it goes, I would have had more (kids).”

I think I need this sign too

Dream house. Love love love

I love this bed- how cool would that be?

Always Always Always

I love this cake but I wouldn’t have the heart to cut into it! But I do have a dog collar to match!


Dream backyard

Light- so pretty

More pretty light.

4 more days of school around here- summer countdown is on!

Hannah - Okay we are pinning so many of the same things. I LOVE that 5, I am thinking of doing it for Sophia’s birthday this year….and that backyard is what I dream of, instead we have movie night in the driveway. Still fun but not as cool. That house looks like my house only WAY cooler 🙂 Your snack is Dmitry’s fav too…only he likes me to freeze the fresh berries a little bit first.

Mary - I have the wheatfield sign (I long for salt air…)on my dining room table waiting to be framed!! Just bought it last week- what a coincidence!

June Makes Six - Where to start….Love your sweet, sweet, blog and look forward to visiting again! Your bags are lovely…I am putting them on my list of “needs”. Finally, thanks for your kind comment!