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I think my refresh button has been hit. My jaunt out to California was the perfect way to refresh my attitude.

Thanks mom and dad for taking care of the kiddos and dogs. Absolutely the only way I could relax was to know they were in good hands.


Backing up- more beach pics to post.

Max, who we rarely saw without his evil twin Blake, was so good with Eva. And obvii since he looks like Blake, he also looks like he could be Eva’s brother.

Evenings were the best time to boogie. Sun not so hot, water super warm…

Someone asked me if Eva liked the sand better this time around. I will let you be the judge…

This is what happened when someone put her down

We tried distraction

But ultimately we did a lot of this

It was windy, bad hair

And when one persons arms got tired, she was passed on

Cole still isn’t really interested in boogie boarding

But it doesn’t matter, he stays busy building lots and lots of sand castles

Love them

More tomorrow

kathy - more more more! I love the pictures. Please mail me a thumb drive or whatever those little things are called and I’ll download the pix and send back the little thingie.