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Monthly Archives: August 2011

How do you shop?

I have been thinking about this a lot lately because I have friends that are all over the map with this. Some plan, shopView full post »

Party School

The back to school party was a little different this year Food trucks instead of packed dinners, ice cream stands, fireView full post »

chatty sassy

Every morning when I go into Eva’s room she greets me with a big, “HI!!!!” It’s great that sheView full post »


Sometimes I read, hear, or see something that makes me go YES. Exactly! I don’t know if I have posted this videoView full post »

Beach Dreamin’

One day, not sure when- I will have a house in Watersound. It is my fave place ever. I love everything about it. I loveView full post »

New start

Here we go- starting a new school year. Always bittersweet. A little older, a little more disbelief that they areView full post »

still not ready

I know I know, I need to just let it go. But I feel like summer just got started. And the weather is perfect. And I&#View full post »

Last weekend of the summer!!

I am so not ready. I could use a couple more weeks. The kids though, pretty sure they are (almost) ready. They areView full post »

Down on the Farm

The beautiful sunny not so hot days we are having is making me long to stretch out the next week as long as I can beforeView full post »

A stack of color

I saw these gadgets sitting in my “going out” basket and I decided they looked too pretty not to snap aView full post »


One of the best things about blogging for a long time is that, well, I have been blogging for a long time. And I have aView full post »

iPhone dump

Barley’s new leg Farm Farm house Tantrum on the floor at Gattitown Guitars Farmer Flowers for Ginky’sView full post »

Happy Wednesday

Glad you guys survived my puke post, and thanks for the well wishes! I feel sooooo much better. That is a road I hope toView full post »

This post is about puke

Just to warn you, you know- in case you want to stop reading before you even begin. My online friend Elizabeth and IView full post »