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New start

Here we go- starting a new school year. Always bittersweet. A little older, a little more disbelief that they are growing up so fast, and a big dose of pride of who they are becoming.

Only Austin goes all day today. The other two go for a couple hours, and I am supposed to go with them. Well me and Miss Sassy. Should be a good time. I am sure she will be crazy perfect.

Seeing that we are starting a new year, it has made me want to get back on board with my project life. I have been tossing things in a bag all along, and of course taking pictures. But I have realized that (after reading Ali’s blog for the first time in months) that I want to capture more day to day- more story.

Pictures are great, but they only say so much. So…..jumping back on board to record more about this crazy life.

iPhone pics today

2 seconds after laying his head down he is out. Words cannot describe how much I love this kid

after his first football practice and a day at zoombezi he fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow



Bath time

bath time

Girls doing hair

girls doing hair

Just came home and found two wiped out runners on the back deck

Austin after running 5 miles

Front porch

front porch

That’s it for today- off to enjoy the first day of school

Hannah - Love your iphone pictures 🙂 As much as I’ve been dreading the end of summer, I gotta admit, it feels pretty good to be scheduled and not so floppy. Well I’m floppy because I’m out of shape but at least I’m getting stuff done!

kristen - lovely pictures! enjoy your day, elisa! 🙂