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Monthly Archives: September 2011


Fall is officially here. It cleared up for a bit over the weekend which made me a happy girl. The rain is back, whichView full post »

PJ kinda day

It’s cold, and it’s raining, and the kids don’t have school. I think it’s a good day to stay inView full post »

One of those days!!

I came down this morning and Blake said, “you need to go look in the computer room”. I ignored him, let theView full post »

29 months

I thought it might be time for an Eva update. Exactly one month away from being 2 1/2! Eva is a big time two year old.View full post »

Go away gray skies!

Ahhh, one of the things I like least about Ohio is the run-on of gray skies we get during the winter. And a nice saggyView full post »

Chilly Monday

I wanted to go for a morning walk with Miss Sassy Pants but it’s chilly and drizzling. Boo. I love our eveningView full post »

Happy Friday

I forgot to post a while back that we have added a few pieces of jewelry back up to our etsy site. They will be one-of-View full post »

iPhone Dump

Looking through the pics on my iPhone this time I once again realized how much my iPhone means to me. Today at the parkView full post »


This morning my jellyfish sting, which I haven’t thought about since it happened, is itching like crazy and looksView full post »

New Fabric!!

Here they are!!! I am so excited about these new prints. SO much fun!! I have gadgets, kindles, and ipads in these butView full post »

Going to Carolina in my mind

For some strange reason, everyone in Ohio vacations in North Carolina. If you go to the Outer banks you will see OhioView full post »

New Bag- sorta

I wanted a new bag to take with me to the beach- but I LOVE the boxy tote style. Still, I wanted something a littleView full post »

It feels like Monday

Coming home from a mini vacay is always hard, especially when you get in late and the kids have to get up early forView full post »

Good Morning

Just a quick pop in from the beach! We managed to squeeze one last trip to the shore when one of my friends invited usView full post »