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It feels like Monday

Coming home from a mini vacay is always hard, especially when you get in late and the kids have to get up early for school. And your husband is leaving on a trip, and it’s raining and gross instead of sunny and beautiful.

But we did it. Woke up Andy up so he could scoot out the door, got the kids up, lunches made (one of which is now sitting on the counter, forgotten- another trip to the school for me). Cole was the hardest to rally, he did not want to go.

I had to search through luggage to find this and that and then get Austin out the door early for his early morning detention. Yep, my kiddo got a detention. For borrowing his friends cellphone to call me and tell me that Cross Country was cancelled last Friday. The teacher took the phone and Austin volunteered to take two detentions in order to get it back for his friend. His teacher said ok, first making him call his friends mom and tell her what happened. And then gave him a detention (one instead of two). Whatever.

I’m tired, and I miss the beach. So happy that I went.

I just made a huge smoothie to prep for my day of laundry, unpacking, getting trash and recycling out, and mowing the lawn if it stops raining.

But wishing I was here….

Stay tuned for a new bag!!

Gretchen - love the beach! sorry you come home to yucky weather. can’t wait to hear about the new bag, my bday is Sunday, and my treat is always a new bag.

kristen - a new bag? I can’t wait to see it!

you keep holding out hope..you’ll live at the beach someday. and so will I! 🙂 i keep telling my kids that anyway. 😉

Angie - well thats a crappy reason for detention. Kuddos to him for taking the blame, but still crappy. Love the beach photos. I’d love to live there