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This morning my jellyfish sting, which I haven’t thought about since it happened, is itching like crazy and looks like it has a bunch of little spinters in it. Anyone know anything about jellyfish?

I can’t help but think of Spongebob when I think of jellyfish.

One morning when Austin got up to run at the crack of dawn he texted me a picture of the sky. It was all these amazing colors as the sun had not come up yet. I grabbed my camera and headed out.

Loved it out there.

The last night there a storm was brewin’. The waves were getting bigger and the fog was rolling in.

It was cool.

I love that my girly got over her beach dislike. Andy thinks it was because the sand was firm and easy to walk on. Who knows.

Of course there were sand fights

Thanks for the great time Topsail- hope to see you again soon.

Raquel - We went to Hilton Head this summer and my husband, sister and I got stung pretty badly. Just like you it got very bumpy and itchy a few days later. Unfortunately, you just have to wait it out. It will go away in a week or two. We tried benadryl, caladryl, everythiing for the itch but nothing worked! Hope you have better luck and that it heals quickly!

Amy Jo - Your pictures are gorgeous! I would love to travel there some day for vacation.

Hope the jellyfish bite heals quickly!

kathy - I’m pretty sure the little “splinters” from the jellyfist sting are all the baby jellyfish that are growing under your skin. They will probably pop out tomorrow.

Hannah - Duh. Sponge Bob is a sponge. Not a jelly fish. Duh! 😉 It’s sad that our lives are so full of Sponge Bob that we know all about jelly-fishing. It’s not just Sponge Bob, I know way too much about iCarly and Good Luck Charlie.

Maybe your bite is kind of like Spiderman and now you’re going to turn into Jelly-Woman!! You’ll be a super hero!….or a fat blob. Oh wait…I AM Jelly Woman…jiggly in all the wrong spots 🙂 Ok. I’m done now. I’m really tired and dorky this morning.