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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Carving Pumpkins

Yesterday afternoon/evening we carved pumpkins with some friends and neighbors. There was lots of food and pumpkin gutsView full post »

Rock band

Eva is really into the drums. I know that’s a surprise ๐Ÿ˜‰ I really really like editing pictures and tryingView full post »

Dog Heaven

Last night while looking through the bookshelf for a book to read before bed Cole yelled out, “Hey we have thisView full post »

Roll with it

Some times you just have to take what is given to you and roll with it So we grabbed an umbrella and went out The goodView full post »

Stuck inside

so what do you do when you are stuck inside all day (besides go a little crazy) Not much else!! 3 of us are stillView full post »

Base Living

This summer I ended up by two of the military bases that I lived on as a kid. Camp Pendleton near San Diego and CampView full post »

Rock Star

Yesterday I was hanging my head a little low- in shock about the way this whole thing went down. And the fact that ourView full post »

I didn’t get very far

Still feeling down and out with this cold but I wanted to throw up a few pics from our 2nd trip to the pumpkin patch.View full post »

iPhone Dump

I had this big ole long post written that I started to post, but you know how you think too hard about stuff, and thenView full post »


So it’s the middle of the week and the girly has a nasty cold so I don’t want to put her in childcare at theView full post »

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday the weather was absolutely gorgeous so after Austin’s cross country meet we loaded up and went to one ofView full post »


Cross Country season is winding down. I am still amazed that Austin has embraced this sport. Running is hard. He claimsView full post »