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Well we call it school, but it’s really a moms day out class, once a week, for 2.5 hours.

Today was her 2nd time to go, she missed last week when we were in Chapel Hill.

She was a little bit apprehensive this time. She started talking about the “babies” when we walked into the building. When we got to her classroom she started shaking her head no when she heard the same little boy that cried the whole time last time was at it again. I know it’s confusing for her, if he is crying, maybe she should cry? But she doesn’t really feel like crying. And there was a really cool table filled with all kinds of birdseeds and cups and fun pouring things…

She was torn. She stared at the boy with the snot dripping down his face, and tried to figure out what to do. I took her over to the table and started playing with her. She looked at me and said, “stay? play?” I explained that I couldn’t, I had to go to the boys school to take pictures of the principal. I know she didn’t understand. “Play?” she asked me again.

The boy continued to cry. Honestly I don’t want to judge, but maybe the little dude isn’t ready for a moms day out program. I know, I had one that couldn’t go until he was 4. But I didn’t make him stay. I don’t know…

Here is that little guy now….

When he made it clear to me that preschool was not his thing (I didn’t try at two, I tried at three), I scooped up his chubby little body and walked out. When I tried when he was four he waved bye to me and walked right in, no more tears.

Blurry pic but too cute not to post!

The girly likes school, but clearly the crying boy stresses her out. She’s just not sure what to think.

I thought for sure that she would be wiped out after lunch and ready for nap but I swear they gave her mountain dew or something. She was wired!

Moving on

I was sad to hear about Steve Jobs yesterday. But I love this link that Hannah posted on fb, I didn’t know he was adopted.

I’ve also enjoyed reading this blog today and all the work they are doing at an orphanage in Guatemala. Inspiring.

Time to go get the girly and smother her in kisses. We are so lucky to have her 🙂

Nap time is over!

Nancy - Hey Elisa-
I have been reading! Just no time for commenting, but this post pulled at my heart. I agree with your assessment of the little boy and his readiness. Especially when his emotions create apprehensiveness in the other kids.

When Scott was littler he hated storytime. He would say he wanted to go but then when we got to the room he would take one look around at the other kids and tell me “no thank you”. So we would leave. I was worried when he started preschool this fall. Would he want to go? Would it be too overwhelming for him? But there was something about it, he was ready. More than ready.

And then a few weeks ago at the library, he asked me if we could stay for storytime. So we tried it. He wouldn’t sit on the floor with the other kids, but he sat in the chair by me and listened the whole time. And when we were done he asked if could come again next week. And now, we don’t miss it.

Hannah - Is it weird that both of my kids run in so fast that I can’t even hardly hug them goodbye?? Sheesh. They could pretend they are going to miss me. Even Sophia and her shy self couldn’t get away fast enough from me!

My friend Gretchen is in Guatemala right now and was with the Blocks. She’s pretty cool.

Did I mention, that I love her face with it’s in that scrunched up smile? Cause I totally do. Cute! Cute! Cute!