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Ba Humbug

Someone has stolen my Christmas spirit. Well that isn’t exactly true as I haven’t been able to find my Christmas spirit to begin with.

Usually by this time of the year we have our tree and our decorations up.

But Andy has been traveling almost every week. And when he IS here he works late.

Big decisions are looming over our heads.

He’s stressed. I’m stressed.

Eva is sick. When I picked her up from preschool she pitched a fit and melted in a fit of coughing and crying and would not let me buckle her into her seat. I was getting pelted in the face by cold rain battling my crying baby and feeling like crying myself. So I did, we both did. The whole ride home.

I wish I could say it made me feel better. I don’t think it made either of us feel better.

It’s just one of those gloomy overwhelming days. We all get them.

I’m thinking it might be time to pull out some decorations. Or make some cookies for the boys when they get home from school.

Cookies make things better, right?

Here some holiday decorations from Pinterest

Source: landofnod.com via Elisa on Pinterest

Lisa - Cookies do make everything better…especially ones with chocolate!;-) The cloudy, cold, wet weather that has descended upon us makes it hard not to feel down…thinking of you and Miss E and sending you happy thoughts.

kristen - gosh, i’m so sorry to hear about your day as well as Andy’s work situation. i’m hoping things fall into place quickly! it’s so hard when the husbands are gone. SO hard.

Hannah - I’m sorry 🙁 Crappy days suck. If it makes you feel better I went to the Mall today and was harassed by a crazy man while in line to buy shoes for Sophia. Throw on some crazy Christmas music, have some hot chocolate, decorate the house and see if it gets better…if not go get drunk and hid in the closet 😉