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Time to get busy

Are you done with your Christmas shopping? I have only put a small dent in mine.

I have ideas but it’s still all coming together

Obviously these pictures have nothing to do with Christmas. They are from Thanksgiving. I don’t think I have had my camera out since then. I know, bad.

I need to pull it back out. Been busy around here lately.

But it’s raining today, so it probably won’t be today.

So this is all I’ve got.

Mary - Hi Elisa- Speaking of Christmas, I remember a few years ago tht one of your boys was into stop motion video. My daughter is interested in learning, and I was wondering if you would mind sharing what software he used?


Lisa - Girl, I have yet to purchase a single gift! Feeling the pressure! 🙂 Hubs has the stomach flu and in-laws are coming for early Christmas this weekend. When am I going to get this done? Love the pictures…in the one pic of Blake and Eva it looks like she’s giving him the low-down on something important – love that face! Have a good rest of the week and good luck to both of us in the shopping department.

Gretchen - I have started shopping, but it isn’t close to being done. I just can’t seem to get motivated. Good luck, at least you have ideas. Robbie hasn’t really asked for anything this year-makes it tough to buy presents.

June Makes Six - Love all of them…and I am not done shopping either! Lots to do so little time.


Love “the oldest” post too. You put it perfectly into words.

Hannah - I love your pictures. I mean I love them. You always have the best bokeh. I’m going to steal your lens when I see you. I’ve got a good inch on you {I’m 5’9″} and I’m sure a good number of pounds….All the sudden I feel very stalker like, How do I know how tall you are?? Weird. Anyway, I’m gonna lay some Librarian Smackdown on your short Rocker Mama butt and steal your lens…and maybe your purse, credit cards and belt. I’m not sure if I even like your purse or belt but if I’m going down I’m taking what I can get.

PS. Do you love the fact that I am a Christian who won’t cuss but will threaten to steal your clothes and beat you up. I think I might need to go to church more…I must be missing something.

PSS. Yes. I have finally lost it. Seriously. I can’t stop typing and giggling. I am in serious need of a beach. Know of any good ones? 😉