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That has been the theme around here.

Last night I was barely holding it all together, all the kids were being crazy. But I did manage homemade pizza and cookies, even if they were the slice-off kind.

Andy’s travel schedule just has horrible timing. Too much going on for him to be on the west coast.

Eva is talking up a storm, and with that comes a lot of attitude. Stinker.

I am going to pull it together and do a real blog post soon about all that is happening around here.

But not yet.

But here is a hint.

Source: flickr.com via Elisa on Pinterest

Hannah - You did better than I did last night. Greg brought home a rotisserie chicken from the store. That was our dinner…again. I did manage to bake chocolate chip cookies the night the septic and the oven exploded. I mean I do have my priorities.

It’s gotta get better soon…right?

June Makes Six - Wow, all I could do is laugh when I saw your title. Looks like we have a lot of the same stuff going on. Is there a move in your future? Our house is on the market too, it is a crazy thing to do with all these kiddos. Wishing you the best and of course a Merry Christmas.


kristen - Eeek! are you moving??

meg duerksen - i am not good at geography….what state is that??

Gretchen P - I understand the chaos! Moving? That can be crazy all in its self. I know the ocean air is calling to you. I hope things calm down! Have a Merry Christmas!