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iPhone Dump

Ok that wasn’t an iPhone pic, just a pic from the farm 🙂

A random shot of girly when her daddy was out of town. Again. Just wanted to remind him how cute she is.

We took a few plane rides over the last few months.

So gross

Two seconds before he decided to give his brother a nuggy, and things got ugly

Tent sleeping and movie watching

The wallpaper on my iphone. Makes me smile every time I see it 🙂

Princess and the pea

Modeling her new party dress

Cole got a bag of coal…

They think this is funny

I had no idea she took these of herself. Just found them when I dumped the pictures. She almost looks cross-eyed in some of them, I’m sure trying to figure out how to get herself in the small frame.

Hannah - Those are awesome. I was pretty annoyed by how good the first one was…I was ready to go upgrade my iPhone! 🙂