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Day one

First off I have to say- thank you for the support- from friends, from family, from blog readers, and emails…
It really does help.

Day one proved to be much easier than day -1

I woke up and went and got Starbucks with the girly. She was a terror. I bribed her with an organic juice box but already I am realizing the chapel hill starbucks is much more personal with it’s lack of drive- thru it’s also, well a huge pain in my neck. The lack of drive-thru means girly freedom that is not always fun
So this morning ended in lots of talks about good behavior, not crawling across the Starbucks floor because u r mad, being a good girl to get what u want (a juice box)….
But ultimately I am missing our drive-thru Starbucks where none of this was a concern. That and my non- britax cars seat that was a lot harder to get out of…..
So anyway the day started off better- lets be honest here, sleep helps everything. Traveling 8 hours on *maybe* 2 hours of sleep is hard. My eyes felt like they were on fire!!!

Factor in the tire incident, signing a lease, cable guy, grocery shopping with 2 year old….well anyone would b in the corner in tears

But today we got coffee, hit the play ground

It was sunny, and warm!!!

And I got her down for a nap!!!

And then found the best target ever ( more on this later)

I got so wrapped up in this target buying things for our rental, garbage can, shampoo, boxers for Austin, a change of clothes for me (yes I am a horrible packer and somehow did not pack for myself), a water bowl and leash, bones and treats for Shiloh (holy crap- she is sooooo easy alone. I told Andy to dump the other dogs in wv.). I am so kidding. I would never in a million years dump a dog. Plus shiloh misses her buddies.

We came home- went out for Italian, Andy called to say he wouldn’t b in until tomorrow, Austin went for a run….

We r all adjusting. Hanging. It’s all good… Thanks for all the encouragement – today I kept saying “keep swimming”. Thanks Tiffany and Nemo!!!

Publishing this rom my iPhone- Please excuse typos, etc





Please notice that the girly is barefoot- yes my friends we have left the north…

Jennifer Niksich - I don’t know if you have tried this trick or not, but it’s worth mentioning. When our daughter learned how to unbuckle her car seat, we were told by a wise friend that said to twist the fastener when you buckle the seat belt. This means that the release button is facing the child up against their body making it harder for them to undo because they need the dexterity to get their fingers behind the buckle and push at the same time. I personally thought “Duh, why didn’t I think of that?” when I heard this information. I hope this will be the trick that will work for you making your life easier.

Pam - Ahh, warm now, but wait until that insane humidity kicks in May till October! Lived in that for 15 years by the ocean.

Tiffany - Glad you had a good day! No drive through at our Starbucks either:( Hope you get settled over the weekend.


Hannah - I’m glad today is better. I’m still sad that you are further away now 🙁 I have to drive to another state for Starbucks…I mean it’s like 20 minutes away. I do however have a guy named Bubba just down the street. He makes good Folgers coffee 😉

I’m glad today is better, I hope the rental is nice and that little Miss E cuts you a break today. PS> The “just keep swimming…just keep swimming” quote is my go to quote when life is falling apart. I swear I’m thinking about having it made in a print to hang in my home.

Lisa - You can do it!!! Heck, you are doing it!!! Glad to hear you got sleep and Starbucks and that things are looking up. 🙂 How is Blake feeling? Hope he is all better now – I’m sure the warmer weather has to make everyone feel better! Take care of you, mama!

Julie - I SO miss the drive-thru Starbucks we had in Dallas (and more than one to choose from). Now I can’t believe the only Starbucks (totally non-drive-thru) is the one downtown. Though I guess my driving habits are a little skewed now – the next one is about 7 miles away, but when it’s all this weird NJ small-street driving it seems like an eternity to get there.

Gretchen P - It is amazing what sleep can do for you! I love that Miss E can be barefoot. I have to admit, I am a bit jealous! Gotta love Target! As moms, we always think of ourselves last, on one trip, I forgot my suitcase. No worries. It sounds like things are coming together. Enjoy the sun, it is raining here. Big surprise, right?

kristen - yaaay! you’ve left the north! sunshine and warmth are your reality now, girlie! I’m so glad today was better. I hear ya on the non drive throughs tho. we live in an urban area with no drive thru starbucks and, that can be a pain!

can’t wait to hear about your target! 🙂

Mary - Hi Elisa- I just felt compelled to tell you how much I love this blog, I have been reading for years. I remember all the times you said that your family needed a change, how you weren’t always happy where you were in OH, and I am so glad for you that you are headed on this new adventure. Moving is just about the most stressful life event, (second to a death in the family, seriously) and I know you can do it. Hang in there, give it time, breathe deeply. You are a smart and talented person with a great family and I know you will all thrive in your new home.