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Up and Down

I have decided to take one day at a time. It seems the most logical solution, right?

Because every time I write about a bad day, the next one turns out better. I am sure it will keep going up and down like that.

Austin’s math teacher called me yesterday. She is very nice. She explained that she didn’t want to overwhelm him on his first day and that is why she just wanted him to sit and listen. She said she told him he didn’t have to take the test but he said he wanted to so she told him to just skip the problems he didn’t understand. Which he did. And she said even counting the ones he skipped (as wrong) he still made an 89 and she is absolutely sure he will be caught up in no time. She told me to reassure him that it would all come together, and that she has lunch hours 3 times a week to help kids one on one. She put my mind at ease, and when I told Austin what she said, it put his mind at ease too.

Thank you for your phone call last night Kathy, I was in the middle of “preparing for high school” meeting at Austin’s school so I couldn’t answer. I will definitely keep on top of it.

Austin had a better day yesterday too. He came home telling me that he wants to play Lacrosse again instead of running track this spring. So we are off to another meeting tonight for that. He told me that there are different groups at his school and he is not sure which one he wants to be a part of. I told him to take his time. Plus things would change again next year when he starts high school and kids from other middle schools will be thrown into the mix.

He seemed much happier yesterday.

The girly is still pretty sick and had a bad night last night. I can’t decide if she needs to go in to the dr or not. I think it is just a bad cold. It’s just kicking her butt, and ours too!!

This kid cried the most about leaving Ohio. But he was so excited to start school yesterday. I sat in the pick-up line with my sunroof open and watched for his little face in the group of kids outside

When I picked him up he was so happy. He said his school was awesome. He rolled down his window and yelled bye to all his new friends, teachers, and “adios” to the spanish teacher.

He checked out a book from the school library and came home and sat outside and read the entire thing.

I kept hearing him laughing as he was reading. It was sunny and warm outside. It was a nice afternoon.

Up and Down….

Tiffany - Glad you had some good ups:)


Amy Jo - I tend to feel the same way. A couple bad days are quickly followed by a handful of good days! I think it’s God’s way of rewarding us for surviving those days that just seem impossible!

Caroline - I’ve been reading your blog for years and love it! I’m not much of a commenter on any of the blogs I read, but I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know how happy I am for you with your move, house and beautiful children! Yes, there will be ups and downs with all the changes, but it will all work out!

Hannah - I’m glad today has been full of ups 🙂 Sunshine and happy kids. That sounds pretty sweet 🙂