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Sleepless in Chapel Hill

So I finally decided yesterday that the girlie needed to go see a doctor. She had no fever but she was so out of sorts, and had cried every night for the past three nights. We got up and got her out of bed and let her sleep with us twice. But she always thinks that means she can lay there and chat all night. None of us were getting any sleep. I asked her if her ears hurt but she said no.

I found a minute clinic and took her in. They listened to her chest and took her oxygen levels and decided that they couldn’t treat her, we needed to go to Duke Urgent Care. She was running around so I knew the oxygen level thing was wrong- it said 92, but she could barely keep it on her finger.

But I took her to the urgent care anyway. And her oxygen level was fine, 98. It was her ears that were infected. Both of them. They shook their head about the minute clinic- they should have looked in her ears, and saved me the 75 dollars to go to the urgent care in addition to paying the minute clinic to do nothing.

It took all day, by the time we were done getting her meds and some food it was time to get Cole. She was a mess all day, and fell apart in a way I have never seen her fall apart before. Too many nights of no sleep, and then no nap. She took her meds and slept all night. Not a peep. And today she woke up smiling so I am hoping she is feeling better.

It's a park kinda morning

It has been a great week here to play outside, and that makes everyone feel better.




Hannah - I’m glad she got some sleep. That always makes things feel better. I love her swinging skirt picture. Have I mentioned I think she is cool…cause I do 🙂

Yes. Her evil twin does hide all the tp…and my phone…and my keys. She never says a word about it either, until you ask if she’s seen them, you know after you have spent an hour searching for your phone or keys. Then she’ll just sweetly smile and say oh I hid those 🙂 She’s a monkey all the time.