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To keep our sanity on the weekends when we are all home and crammed in our small space and getting on each others nerves, we usually spend much of the day outside or at least outside of the townhouse.

On Sunday Andy and Eva and I went to over to Duke. Duke is only down the road and they have an amazing garden so it was the perfect escape for a warm sunny day.

Eva loved it, there are a lot of water features, ponds, fountains, etc. Her fave.

She took off, apparently ready for college

Duke is a very goth looking college. It reminds us of Hogwarts. Both UNC and Duke are very old. But they are so different looking.

Cole would have loved running through this huge open area. But he wanted to stay home with the brothers 🙁

The bamboo forest scared Eva a little at first- until she walked in it and then she loved it.

Can’t wait to go back when there is more in bloom besides the bulbs. And I need to dig up the pictures of when we were there 13 years ago- running through with a one-year-old Austin.

Lisa - Looks absolutely beautiful!

Mikie - Quit feeding my girl! She is getting too big!!! Miss her so much!!!

Hannah - Dude. It’s sunny here today…and like almost 80 degrees. I feel better when it’s sunny here and there. It makes me feel happy…like I need to go take some pictures or something. 😀

I love that baby girl, even if she is in a knot dress. I’ve seen dresses that I like, only to notice they are knot dresses, and then I’ll hear you in my head telling me to run away from the knot dress because they are evil….EVIL!!

I’m feeling perky. I’ve shopped alone (at Costco Yay!!) and am hopped up on sugar, caffeine and sunshine 🙂

Tiffany - Looks like a beautiful campus and a beautiful day. TJ gets mail from Duke…it is one of our “dream” schools. I’ll look you up if we visit:)