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Random new house stuff

-Our reverse osmosis water filter makes farting noises about once an hour. It always happens at funny times. And we laugh almost every time, it never gets old. I almost don’t want to get it fixed. So far the best times were when new neighbors were over and in the middle of a convo it will go off and I just say, “oh excuse me.” They are probably all discussing how the new neighbors have bad gas.

-We need a fence. bad. Fence guy coming on Thursday for an estimate. It’s gonna cost a fortune.

-Unpacking is a big huge pain. I am tired of it. So much more to go. Sigh. But since it means I am in my new house there are no complaints! I have accepted it’s going to be a long process and I am not going to have a pulled together house for quite a while.

-Couldn’t find Blake’s school stuff this morning. I sent him to school with an old notebook from guitar lessons.

-Cole missed the bus. His bus comes WAY early. WAY. He was thrilled to ride it home tho. The bus stop is on the corner of our yard and culdesac. I like that.

-Cole has a new best buddy right across the street. They have been together non-stop.

-Blake didn’t know where to get off the bus on the way home. I’m not exactly sure why he didn’t tell them our street name. Austin stays after for lax. Fortunately one of the girls on the bus that is friends with Austin knew he was his brother and went to the front of the bus to tell the bus driver where he lived. Blake. Sigh.

-I am in love with my new house. I love it more every day. But like I said it needs a fence. My dogs, I am not loving so much right now. I have to be out there with Shiloh, just in case she sees a squirrel. I can’t wait to just let them out and let them hang out all day outside. Both Shiloh and Zoey keep peeing in one room. I can’t figure out why. So now they are contained in the kitchen family room area.


-Our old house which was a little more than half the size of this one had two water heaters. This one has one. It is so not enough. Cold baths are not fun.

-On the other hand it has a ton of thermostats and none of them are programmable. Dumb.

-I have seen two huge spiders outside. Both with big egg sacs. Yuck. I have been told there are also Copperheads. Yuck. I found another tick on me. It’s like living in Texas again 🙂

The lizards I like, not too fond of my latest bug friend

-The previous owners did a great job with the landscaping. It is so pretty. If I weren’t unboxing, putting away, gathering packing paper, breaking down boxes, cleaning up kid messes…. well I might actually go outside and enjoy it. But every now and then I look out the window and take it in. I love living in this semi-rural neighborhood!

-today when I put Eva down for a nap I had my first hour of silence in the house. I picked up my new Southern Living magazine and grabbed a big glass of lemon water and sat on the porch to wait for Cole’s bus. Within 5 minutes a neighbor stopped by and then we saw our other neighbor sitting on her porch with her new baby waiting for her boys (one is Cole’s new buddy)- so of course I had to go hold the baby. And then Cole got off the bus and things weren’t so quiet anymore.

A big glass of lemon water while I wait for by baby to get off the bus- his first time!!

Today our temps are dipping to the 60’s with a frost warning tonight! Good thing I didn’t put my new herbs in the ground yet!

Tiffany - All sounds soooo good! Temps here today, high 49…UGH!!!! Ready for some warm weather like we had a few weeks ago. Enjoy you new house:)


Hannah - That spider is nasty. That would have me running scared…or making Greg step on it. I have irrational fears of things like that…kind of like if I step on it, it will somehow jump up my skirt and bite my who-ha. I have a lot of irrational fears. I’m scared of cruse control too. I think it wants to take over…kind of like Transformers…only I’ve been scared of it way before they thought of it.

I’m so glad you are loving the house. I can see you in it. It’s classic but with a slight modernish feel.

I like the rug the dog is sleeping on…I hope that’s not where they are peeing.

About your comment. I think I checked on her at least three times. I make sure my kids are breathing several times a night…well I check on Sophia. Dmitry snores so there is no doubt as to his breathing. She was wiped out. I usually make her get up around 9 but if I let her, she’d sleep till noon each day.

kjames - You have GOT to stop posting pictures of those damn spiders. *nightmares*

cblackstone - I’m not scared of wildlife but I am scared of those spiders and snakes – so that would be hard:( Why not invisible fence? I’m so happy you are in your house:)

Helen - I am so happy that things finally worked out and you’re enjoying the new house. It sounds wonderful, it really does..even the farting filter! 🙂 Though really not keen on the spiders!!

meg duerksen - it’s official. i can never come visit. now that i know that spider lives in your state….i can’t come.
jk….kind of.
it would be hard to overcome.

i am so happy you are getting settled in. i bet everyone feels so relieved!

Melissa - The rennai water heater has changed my life. No more cold showers.