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Monthly Archives: May 2012

On and Off

Eva has two speeds. On and Off. No in between You won’t find her falling asleep on the couch, or snuggled under aView full post »

Last week

in iPhone pics she calls them her dancin’ shoes—wardrobe malfunction at Old Navy (Eva thought it was sooooView full post »

Did I tell you we got a pool?

We like to invite people over and say, “want to have dinner by the pool?”     Make sure toView full post »

Evening lax

After dinner Eva grabbed her little lax stick and headed down the driveway- off to find her brother. She has a pink &#View full post »

Thanks for the service

There is a happy girl in our house. Her grandparents are coming to visit tomorrow. I don’t think my parents haveView full post »

Dog Collars

Don’t forget to get your pooch ready for summer!! Find them here.View full post »

5 months

It’s hard to believe that we have been here for only 5 months. It feels much longer. And that’s a good thingView full post »

I want to go back to the beach!

This morning Cole announced that he wanted to head back to the beach.  His allergies don’t bother him there. &View full post »


The easiest entertainer.     We play with them almost everyday.  They never get old.     We are onView full post »


I love my mornings. I get up and get the boys lunches packed, feed them breakfast, and rush them out the door. I thenView full post »

Home Goods

Yesterday I took a quick trip to Home Goods to try to find a floor lamp to replace one that mover broke.  FortunatelyView full post »

Holden Beach

I have only gone through a few of the pictures I took of our short trip to Holden Beach but I thought I would go aheadView full post »


Today I woke up refreshed- and ready to take on the challenge of actually decorating our new house, putting things onView full post »

Living Life

It’s no lie that we all feel the pull of how fast the world spins. How fast time flies, and the ever dreadedView full post »

Disappearing Act

Didn’t mean to be off the grid for so long but when my domain was switched over it kinda messed everything up-View full post »