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Disappearing Act

Didn’t mean to be off the grid for so long but when my domain was switched over it kinda messed everything up- including my email.

Sometimes it’s nice to take a little break.

But when I got my camera back out it sure felt good in my hands.

I guess you can say we are still trying to find our new normal around here. Settling in is a long process. We are to the point where we have a lot of stuff unpacked, but there is still stuff in boxes and rooms that are not unpacked. I have lost enthusiasm so I am giving myself a little break. And realizing it is ok if the house isn’t pulled together for the first 6 months. Or maybe even year. I can’t even decide where I want things to be and what pictures on what walls.

One thing I am enjoying is having our trampoline back. Or at least the girly is enjoying it.

And yes she is jumping in her undies because she peed in her pants at the park.

My car has been in the shop for over a week. I took it in because one of the front vents broke and when I got it back, the back vents didn’t work at all. So they took the whole thing apart and then the navigation system didn’t work, nor did the radio.

I am hoping to get it back today. Of course this has nothing to do with jumping on a trampoline.

My dogs are still being trained on the underground fence and I am still wishing I had a regular fence. Just a certain comfort level I guess

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…

Do you wish you looked this good jumping in your undies? I do too.

Tiffany - Too stink’n cute! Tried to e-mail…let me know how it is going for you. Things here are crazy and wild. I am following a few months behind you, throw in a whole house remodel and….I may be in a straight jacket by July:) Can’t wait to see how everything comes together for you in the house.


Lisa - I’ve missed hearing about your adventures! 🙂 Girlie looks thrilled to have the trampoline back. And I sincerely do wish I looked that good jumping on a trampoline in my undies…

Julie - I STILL have unpacked boxes after 3 1/2 years. Mainly framed photos & knick knacks. Should probably just get rid of them by now.

Hannah - I missed you!!

I’m so glad that you are back. Give yourself a break. Take your time…you are HOME now. You have as long as you need to put everything away 🙂