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Today I woke up refreshed- and ready to take on the challenge of actually decorating our new house, putting things on the walls, maybe painting a wall or two.

I had to take a break from the house to really come back and appreciate it again, instead of seeing it as a major challenge to get in order.

First of all we came back to a a very pretty blooming bush. Anyone have any idea what this is?


It has a million buds on it and it smells AMAZING

Here is a closer look


And best of all- the girly eating her lunch next to it

Lunch on the patio with a pretty girl

I got sucked into some design blogs this morning- oh man I love this stuff. Then of course it was off to Pinterest to do some pinning.

Here is my inspiration for the day

jeannine masalaitis - I think it’s a camellia – looks beautiful!

Alicia - Love the inspiration pics…especially the turquoise ottoman pic…my new favorite color! I think that blooming bush is a magnolia but I’m not positive. Ask your neighbors…I bet they know! Good luck decorating. I also love the quote about not giving up what you want most for what you want now. That is me to a tee, “oh this will do”…never does! Have fun!

lindsay - it’s a gardenia! welcome to the south, they are everywhere this time of year!

Melanie - It’s a gardenia:)