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Holden Beach

I have only gone through a few of the pictures I took of our short trip to Holden Beach but I thought I would go ahead and post a few.


When I walked into my friends house and saw this amazing view I immediately sent her a text.  “It’s just perfect”



Everything about this beach and beach house was easy.  The house was just steps away from the beach, the big back porch had a gate that closed to keep Eva from heading down to the beach solo.  There was also access from below- which made taking chairs and all other beach supplies super easy.  There was an outdoor shower and a place to rinse off sand- all in perfect locations.  It just seemed very well thought out.



I can’t even tell you how excited these two were.  Eva keeps asking to go back.  The beach was so clean, the water super clear.



There are so many great beaches around here.  I am so excited to check them all out and find my fave.  I think this one will be near the top.



The people that own the house next door live in Raleigh and go to the beach most weekends.  They don’t rent out their house.  They had just painted it an awesome turquoise blue with tons of white trim.  I wish I had taken a picture.  It was exactly what I would want.



More pics to come!

meg duerksen - that looks heavenly!!!
and that little booty is pretty cute too.

Gina - Awww, so beautiful. 🙂 Which house did you stay in? I always love to read the names of beach houses. That looks like it is in the 300’s beach front. We stayed at Ms. Mac’s a few years ago in an area with a fence like that. 🙂 I am missing the beach. 😉