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I love my mornings.

I get up and get the boys lunches packed, feed them breakfast, and rush them out the door.

I then usually have anywhere from 15-30 minutes of quiet time before the girly gets up.  But when she gets up- this is my fave time of the morning.

I get her milk, I get my laptop.  We snuggle on the couch and watch cartoon and I catch up on blogs or do a blog post.  The dogs snuggle up with us, we open all the doors and let the cool morning air in.  It’s a nice special time.


Last night we put Blake on a plane by himself to fly back to Ohio for a weekend with friends.  He was SO excited to go that I just didn’t have it in me to feel sad that he was leaving.  Solo.  I know he is in great hands and will have a great time.


When Eva came up to kiss me goodnight last night she said, “I miss Blakey!!!” and put her face in her hands.

I adore technology- as this pic popped up on Facebook the second he got off the plane.  Thanks Amy!!!


I have to say that so far, we have kept this Ohio-North Carolina connection going.  Cole chats with his best friend back there almost daily and he’s coming down in a couple weeks, we are headed to the beach this summer with Austin’s buddy and family, and Blake is headed back up later this summer for a week of camp.  And then I am sure we will have boys down here as well.


I’m happy it’s Friday, lots of stuff around the house to get done.  And look what I just ordered a canvas of- love!



Happy weekend!

Amy Jo - I’m glad the kids stay so connected to their friends! If, as teens, they are finding the time…they will always find the time as adults too!

Question…where do you get your canvas prints?

Amy Jo - I’m not sure why my comment above came through as “anonymous”….

e - I think I fixed the comment problem. And I get my canvas prints at Costco- so far they have turned out great!

Mary - That last photo is incredible. It sounds like things are getting better every day for you all- you are doing it! Way to go.

elizabeths - that is going to make a beautiful canvas pick! Im sure it will turn out gorgeous!

Hannah - LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture! I can’t blame you for getting a huge canvas of that 🙂