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The easiest entertainer.



We play with them almost everyday.  They never get old.



We are on a countdown to summer around here.  I am so jealous of those of you that are already done.



The pool opens next weekend and the days are getting nice and long.  I am so ready.  Ready for weekends at the beach and evenings in the backyard with friends.  Oh and sleeping in.  I love sleeping in.


3 more weeks.  But who’s counting.



Hannah - Love these! Bubble are awesome. They make summer even better.

This is our last week of school and Soccer. I like that they end at the same time…it’s like total freedom 🙂

Angie - I’m counting:) 7.5 days of school left and we are officially on summer break! I can’t wait. We have our season pool passes renewed and camping weekeneds planned. I’m so ready.

Regina - oh we’re totally counting this way too! we don’t get out until june 15th though! so we still have almost 4 weeks left until pool days, late nights, sleeping in, etc.