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I want to go back to the beach!

This morning Cole announced that he wanted to head back to the beach.  His allergies don’t bother him there.



I need to tell you the story about the “stinky ball”.  This ball was back in the wooded part of our backyard.  I think it belonged to the dog that lives behind us.


Eva saw it one day and became obsessed with it. She thought it was covered in bird poop. She started calling it the stinky ball and she talked about it all the time. The boys quickly caught on and started torturing her, saying they were going to put it in her room, etc. Finally when Grandma was here she went out and got the stinky ball and put it in a bag and into the trash. While it was in the big outside trash can Eva wouldn’t wouldn’t even walk by that part of the driveway. On trash day we took the can to the street and talked about how the guy was going to pick up the stinky ball today and take it away. But for some reason they skipped our house and the stinky ball stayed. The curse of the stinky ball.

Eventually the stinky ball was picked up and we could close the door on that. But then we went to the beach.

Enter the Stinky jelly


The older boys start their end of year testing today. Austin woke up grumpy and complaining. It’s going to be a long week.

So I am going to go back to the beach- at least in pictures.

Off to the trails before the rain hits!