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5 months

It’s hard to believe that we have been here for only 5 months. It feels much longer. And that’s a good thing. It feels like home.


There are way more ups then downs these days. Or maybe that is just the way I am choosing to look at things.

Wishing we were there today...

There are still friends that are missed, and every now and then I get a twinge, for my old house, our old neighborhood, or our little town.


But this is home now. And I like it. A couple days ago Austin said, “I like it here more than there but I still miss a few of my friends.”

I thought that was good.

Eva likes to try to catch the frog that lives by the patio

The frog was smart to jump away from the girly

I told my mother-in-law that I have learned to not compare. There are things that are good and not so good about each place. They are two very different places.

We have lots of critters here

Pick up the pace

Another copperhead- this one was p.o'd

Eva makes friends on the trail. She walked holding this woman’s hand until the trail ended. At the end she gave her a big hug and the woman said, “thank you- you made my day.”


Across the street from our house there is a big field that is netted off. The owner used to play soccer so it has lights surrounding it and lots of goals. He told Alex and Austin that if they maintain it- they can use it for lacrosse. So the boys took a lacrosse goal and bounce back over there and they go there every single day. Soon I am going to go over and photograph them. I asked Austin if he had any idea how lucky they were to have this awesome lacrosse field- in the middle of a pine forest.


Austin has a whole new routine these days. He comes home, does homework, goes for a run, goes to the lax field, and then will usually end up riding his bike over to the basketball courts (our neighborhood pool has basketball courts, tennis courts, and a playground). Gone are the days where he would play video games after school.

Cole took a tumble down my neighbors steps last weekend in the dark

Love how instead of getting upset my little guy thinks his road rash makes him look tough

One thing I read recently is that this area is known for really long Springs and Falls, with short summers (July is the hottest) and short winters (January is the coldest). I can live with that.


If you were wondering if she is getting big- she is. Last night she and Cole got in a big fight before dinner and she yelled at him, “you be good or you are going to bed early!!! no right now- you go to bed now!! I’m telling Daddy- you go to bed now!!!”


I haven’t been able to get this place off my mind- can’t wait to go back


Even for a day


I am in love with this quilt- doesn’t it look perfect for the beach?

Saw it here

And finally…

A new house went on the market around the corner from us today- fingers crossed for a 6th grade boy- 6th graders are under-represented in our hood!

Hannah - It doesn’t seem like it should be five months yet… Why is this year flying by? I’m glad it feels like home… That’ s a good sign.

Love the beach and the quilt…not loving the snake so much.

Amy Jo - I gasped twice during this post, for 2 totally different reasons. The first was from fear at the picture of the snake and the second was of pure tugging at my heartstrings of Eva holding the hand of that woman on the trails! She sure is an amazing little girl!