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Did I tell you we got a pool?


We like to invite people over and say, “want to have dinner by the pool?”



Make sure to bring your bathing suit!



We had a nice weekend with the Grandparents, that went by very fast.  I was hopping for a day trip to the beach but a hurricane off the shore kept us here.  And of course it was sunny- the entire weekend.



Now the girly is resting up for a cookout tonight.  She is super excited because she LOVES one of Austin’s friends- and it’s at his house.



She will follow him around making goo-goo eyes at him and say his name over and over.  All of the girls will think it’s so cute, and he will be a good sport about it.  I mean how can you not?



No one wants to see her get sassy.


This picture- makes me laugh every time.



Happy Memorial Day!!

Hannah - You got a new pool! You are fancy…just like Nancy 🙂

I love that little face. She is so stinking cute. Her hair glows. Just glows. Love that.