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On and Off

Eva has two speeds. On and Off. No in between

You won’t find her falling asleep on the couch, or snuggled under a blanket watching tv

If she is awake, she is moving. Non-stop.

Of course the good side of this is the girl likes to sleep. So when she isn’t moving, she is sleeping.

But when she is awake- you better be ready to play.

This is probably a good thing- keeps me moving

But the bad side is she usually leaves a tornado of mess behind her

It’s a good thing she also likes to clean

It rained the last couple of days, we don’t like to be inside

Today is supposed to get hot. 90 degrees I think. Amazing we haven’t really hit 90 yet but today we are supposed to be warm with low humidity. Outside day for sure.

Cole is taking a trip with his class to the Eno River today- it’s an insect adventure where they get in the river and get muddy!

Andy and I were talking this morning about how the boys are a little sad they are missing end of school activities in Ohio with their old friends. And how end of school activities here are so different. Instead of a trip to the zoo, Cole is going on a river adventure. Instead of going to the pool, Austin’s class is taking a trip white water rafting. It’s just different. We don’t have all of the things Columbus had close by- amusement parks, waterparks, zoos. But we have nature stuff. Our fun now comes from beaches, rivers that are clean, mountains… it’s just different. One isn’t better than the other. Just different.

I am sure you are sick of trampoline pictures

The girly likes to jump

Hannah - I’m not tired of trampoline pictures at all. She cracks me up 🙂

Sophia was like that too…still kind of is but has finally gotten to the point where she’ll veg out in front of the TV or with a book. It’s not often but she will do it. She’s a huge gamer. Seriously. I have to hide the phones and ipad or she’ll sneak off to her closet and play games all stinking day.

Gretchen P - different is good, sounds like they are going to have fun! Yesterday was tough, hard to believe our time at E Street is over. It was a fun day, but I had some tears. Robbie was indifferent, as most of the boys. The girls cried, holding hands. Clap out was the hardest! Sounds like you are going to have some Ohio visitors soon. Have a fun summer, enjoy the beach!

kristen - she is just so darn adorable!!!!