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Monthly Archives: June 2012


The girly has been saying a lot of funny things lately. She listens close to what the big kids say and then out of theView full post »

5pm on Friday

After a day spent at the pool- sans nap. She decides it would be fun to body slam her brother She would dive from oneView full post »

First week of summer

And just like that we are down one week of summer. It went fast. Started with Father’s Day and a birthday and thenView full post »

June Birthdays

Today wraps up our month of boys birthdays. Austin turns 15 today. 15. No words. It’s crazy having such a wideView full post »

Gettin’ hot

Yesterday I had to turn on the a/c. So far we have had a relatively cool summer, that combined with living in a forestView full post »

Beach boys plus one girl

Going to the beach with a bajillion kids is not the easiest thing in the world. There were rules to be followed (noView full post »


How summer makes it hard to do blog posts. And so does being at the beach with 10 kids. They all did great, and it was aView full post »


So far we have had smooth sailing here at the beach. I forgot my cord for my little point and shoot and I have beenView full post »

End of year

The end of the year always brings home lots of fun stuff. Like the ugly doll that Austin had to make for home ec- heView full post »


It’s been raining all morning. And I like it. Lets me off the hook for hitting the trail today. I have the doorsView full post »

Slowin it down

Seems it happens every summer, my desire to slow down and take it in. I guess because next summer my oldest turns 16View full post »

Because I am crazy….

I am packing up for a week at the beach with 10 kids. Yep 10. Andy will be there for a couple days, but then he leavesView full post »

Home stretch

Finally- next week is the last week of school. It seems to be taking forever and now it seems like summer is going toView full post »