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Home stretch

Finally- next week is the last week of school. It seems to be taking forever and now it seems like summer is going to fly by.

Time for a hike

I love summer. Love it. I actually love all seasons but summer has got to be my fave. The laid-back schedule is just my style

Best cup ever #dogsrule

The hills on the Duke trail are steep. And long. It is so hard to push a heavy 3 year plus heavy stroller up these hills. I am always so glad when it’s done.

I have a love/hate deal with these hills- love them when they r all behind me!!  #duke

This is what 5pm on a day with no nap looks like

5pm on a day with no nap #loco

same day

Someone drew on the wall- who do you think would use pink?

Big dog and small dogs, sleeping in the entry

Big and small #dog #love

I love that Austin’s friends just come over to our backyard and hang- usually about 10 of them. The boys on the trampoline

10 8th graders call my backyard home. #lovemyneighborhood

The girls play with Eva

The boys jump on trampoline and the girls play with Eva-  #nofilter

I was in the backyard gathering basil for dinner when they all rushed in and scared me

It's what's for dinner #garden #fresh

After dinner trip to the park

Off to the park

To the park we go


I love where we live

Duke trail



I took my truck to the carwash, before I take it to the beach next week and get it all dirty again


I love Speck products- finally taking the snowman case off my iphone


Eva could eat strawberries for every meal


The fireflies are out like crazy now- love them


Have a great weekend!!

Hannah - Love these…the bike shot is my fav. So cool 🙂

Tiffany - Summer is my FAVE too. Have a good one:)