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Because I am crazy….

I am packing up for a week at the beach with 10 kids. Yep 10.

Andy will be there for a couple days, but then he leaves and my beach buddy Nicole is flying in from Ohio.

Fortunately Nicole is as laid-back as I am. She is up for the challenge. And her kids can’t even go! They are staying home in Ohio.

It’s crazy that it has been 9 months since I last went to the beach with Nic

I am so excited. Most of the kids will be easy, three 8th graders, four 6th graders, two 2nd graders, and one crazy chica. She is the ONLY girl. Blake gets to take the most friends because it’s his birthday!

I think we will need a lot of food.

Hannah - You are crazy…crazy awesome!!! Have a great time! Don’t tell my kids about you and your crazy fun mothering ways. I’m trying to convince them that I’m cool and that other children are not allowed to travel with us…It’s against the law 😉

On a blah note, my computer crashed. Like the death crash. Greg was able to get it back up {snort…childish humor kicking in} but I lost everything. I mean everything. Thankfully all my pictures are always loaded straight on to my external drive but I lost my CS4 and can’t find my disk….Not the best way to start my day.

I hope you have a great Beach vacation and take a ton of pictures!

Gretchen P - Have fun! I know the boys are excited to come for a visit. When asked what they were doing for break, NC to see Blake. Glad they can all keep in touch, and get to see each other.

Alicia - That sounds like heaven! Everyone has fun at the beach and kiddos can spend hours doing anything/everything while we just get to hang out and watch…maybe occasionally with a glass of wine in one hand!!! Enjoy yourself!

Tiffany - Sounds like a crazy, good time. Have fun…oh how I miss the beach.