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Slowin it down

Seems it happens every summer, my desire to slow down and take it in. I guess because next summer my oldest turns 16 which seems completely impossible. Driving. Whoa.

Sometimes I get so caught up in the details that I forget to notice the details. If that makes sense.

I am starting to really feel settled in our house and our new town. So much so when Andy was talking about prior places he worked in Columbus and changes being made my heart sank for a minute. I thought he was going to say he wanted to move back. I surprised myself with my feelings. I was scared because I don’t want to move back. This is home now. (Turns out he wasn’t going to say that anyway). It doesn’t make me miss our old life or our friends any less, it just means I am happy in our life here. This new chapter.

3 more days and summer is on our plate.

There are heated games of Ironman operation to be played on the screened porch

Heated game of iron man operation going on

There are kisses to be had from my sweet little Zoey girl, who is feeling much better now.

Kisses from Z

There is Coley’s little baby snake that he loves

Baby snake

There are movies to be watched at the end of a long day of playing outside when these two couldn’t stop fighting over everything

Fighting all evening- the two hotheads of the family

And finding little reminders of Ohio on the Duke trail

A little #buckeye on the trail :)

I love this crane- she lives in the wetlands at the trail


there are jokes to be played on my kids- I am going to put this in Blake’s bed on his birthday


There were new beach chairs that needed to be tested and purchased


I have started packing for the beach. Slow going


For those that have asked about the chalkboard- mine is not smooth either. It’s a pain to clean off and it’s sometimes hard to draw on. I am sure there are much better woods that can be used- I just grabbed a scrap that we had in the garage. And even though Andy sanded it, it is still not that smooth. But that’s ok.


closer look- see it’s a mess. Of course that’s mostly because of the girly


I bought this lamp at Lowes the other day. I love it. Just had to share.


I am setting some goals for myself this summer. Work-out more, make better meals, enjoy more time with my kids, get the house put together.

But most of all I want to relax and enjoy the people (and pets) in my home. I love them all so much.

Betty Kiser - We loved the welcome sign in your foyer. We enjoyed our visit so much and miss you guys a lot!

Hannah - I want to slow down every summer. Sophia is cool with it…she could stay home and chill everyday. Dmitry hates it. He wants to be all social and needs people…whatever.

I totally get what you mean about details. Sometimes I get so caught up in one detail that I miss the rest of the picture. Plus I’m always a good six months ahead in my mind. In Winter I’m looking forward to Summer, in Summer I start thinking about Winter. It’s nuts. I’m trying really hard to make myself STOP and just live this summer and not wish any part of it away.