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End of year

The end of the year always brings home lots of fun stuff.

Like the ugly doll that Austin had to make for home ec- he named it Audo (that’s what Eva calls him) and gave it to her when he got home



I love this box he made- showing both his loyalties…


So many cool things come home the last week of school @akennemer1

And finally a funny (and horribly sung) song by his 8th grade teachers, making fun of a certain boy band.

Elizabeths - Freakin HILARIOUS!!! And I love that song..that band is so cuuuute!!! Great video here! Those guys are too funny and diggin the wigs lol

Betty Kiser - I love the things Audo made.

Jess - Do you still do Project Life? I first heard of it through your blog. I’ve been doing it for a year now and really love it. Thanks for mentioning :). Have fun at the beach.

Ginky - Zoey looks interested or maybe scared of the blue doll.