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So far we have had smooth sailing here at the beach. I forgot my cord for my little point and shoot and I have been taking most of my pics with that. So for now its an iphone dump.

It starts back home in CH where my little tomato theif will ensure that we don’t get any tomatoes this year

Probably won't see many tomatoes get ripe at this rate....

She is a girl on the go but lately every now and then she will settle for a little snuggle. Had to act fast and catch it

Every now and then my baby gives me a few minutes of snuggly down time

When the sun starts to go down in my backyard it filters through the trees and everything gets a warm glow.

Love dinners on the patio #summer

After Austin’s 8th grade graduation ceremony we went out to the lunch with the new high schooler. Deep breath….

Lunch with the new high schooler @akennemer1  @akennemer

Not only does she steal tomatoes…

Watch out for the flower thief

Someone turned 3

He's 3

And then the beach


Eva loves Alex.

Eva hearts Alex- big time

Ohio boys arrive at the beach- Andy took my car and met them halfway.

Ohio arrives at the beach!!

Nick and Blake

Nick and Blake

the first night


Eating her breakfast and asking me lots of questions about where spongebob lives

Serious discussions about where spongebob lives while eating her breakfast  #beach #bikinibottom

beach babe


lax at the beach

Beach #lax @akennemer1

beach house love

Beach house love

Love the neighbors lounge and house color #beach

We see this guy on his bike/plane every time we come


Yesterday we got a boat- it’s been a hit. May need to get a 2nd one.


Storms are supposed to roll in today which is ok as some of the boys need a break from the sun. More to come….

Tiffany - Looks like such a great week…boy could I use a vacation!!!


Amy Jo - The beach house is gorgeous! And that blue sky is breath taking….so jealous! Have a great time.