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How summer makes it hard to do blog posts. And so does being at the beach with 10 kids.

They all did great, and it was a great time.

But man was it great to come home. I walked into my house and took a big sigh- I love my new house. I love my new town. It feels like home 🙂

And I am still doing iphone pics until I go through the ones I took on the trip- so here ya go.

There is nothing like having your morning coffee on this porch

Good morning beach

Especially when Nic gets in to help me with the crew


We go to the grocery store to stock up for the boys and see this little dude


Blake’s nasty toenail- if you read my blog last year I am sure I posted about the toenail jokes….

Blake's gross toenail

Boat hog

Seems that one boy is hogging all of the space in the boat....

And then Cole’s bud shows up


Eva hung in there- but it was clear that she was not used to all the boys, and chaos, and all upsets to her routine


It was a lesson in patience, that’s for sure.


There is something great about getting away


But there is something even better about coming home

Beach was great but good to be home :)

Betty Kiser - Don’t know who looks happier Nate or Cole. Ms. Sassy is showing how much she loves being home, so cute.
Happy Birthday Cole!!!!

Ginny John - Happy Birthday Cole! I miss you guys helping me enlarge the brush pile. I need a good truck driver.