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Beach boys plus one girl

Going to the beach with a bajillion kids is not the easiest thing in the world. There were rules to be followed (no going in water without an adult on the shore) and lots of wrappers and messes to clean up. For some reason they never seemed to get the hang of that.

The oldest boys played outside pretty much nonstop. We had one day that was very cloudy, and one day that rained. It didn’t stop them. They still played outside.

The middle boys were a bit more lazy. They would play outside for a bit but then I would find them creeping back in to hit the electronics (which was mostly phones as I did not bring any video games at all).

I love how her feet are not touching the ground below

Cole did his usual- found a family staying two houses down that had two boys and he was gone. Hanging with them outside until Wednesday night when his buddy Nate showed up.

I took my old point and shoot and used it 99% of the time. It has become my beach camera. I still take my big one, but usually only take it out for the “after dinner” beach trip. When the lighting is good and the kids are dressed and less likely to throw sand in the air at my camera 🙂

I don’t know how she can see thru that hair. If I put it up she pulls it back down.

I don’t know what I would have done if my friend Nicole had not come. She saved me. I really don’t think I could have done it solo. Too many kids to watch. If Eva wasn’t there it would have been possible….. maybe.

There was a lot of lacrosse that was played

And Cole started doing the boogie board for the first time

I’m not gonna lie- it was pretty exhausting to have ten kids and only two adults. When another friend showed up Tuesday evening Nicole and I took a deep breath. It was nice to have a little back-up.

The girly can be a handful. Especially since she was out of her normal routine. Too many people for her I think- it just brought out her naughty side big time.

I know my boys loved having their buds there.

I’m still in love with the little turquoise house next door.

Spending the week at the beach made me realize that I am not ready for a beach house.

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the beach (we are going back next month) but I am not ready to commit to one beach. One house.

So I am back to planning the backyard pool. And watching jealously as my brother is digging his out right now.

Can you tell when I switched to the big camera?

It’s day one of summer back here at Juniper Pl and already the boys are fighting. Well the oldest is sick with a cold and still in bed but the other two are fighting. And I am gonna have to lay down some rules.

Maybe being at the beach with all those boys that weren’t fighting wasn’t so bad

Amy Jo - That picture of Cole on the boogie board is one of my favorites. The pure joy on his face is priceless. Just looking at that photo it makes you want to smile right back at him.