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June Birthdays

Today wraps up our month of boys birthdays. Austin turns 15 today. 15. No words.

It’s crazy having such a wide span of ages in our house but as Andy said the other night- it keeps us young. And tired.

The oldest and the youngest are fun to watch together.

Eva has no idea how to be a girl. I keep saying we need to find a family of sisters and let her hang out with them.

She loves girl things that’s for sure- but she acts like a boy.

When she sees other little girls she is fascinated.

Last night she was giving Austin a hose-down. On his last day of being 14.

Have I mentioned that it’s just crazy that I have a 15 year old? I sorta like it.

Yesterday I looked through some old pictures as I was unpacking more stuff. I cried a little.

I love having young kids in the house. But I like having older ones too.

And just to make sure her daddy wasn’t feeling left out after his bike-ride home from work, she dumped water on him too.

Gretchen P - love Andy’s face! Hard to believe 15!! I don’t like the thought of Robbie turning 13, it goes way too fast. Looks like life in NC is treating you well!

Betty & John Kiser - Happy Birthday Austin. Seems like yesterday I was rocking you to sleep. We love you so much, happy birthday.

Tiffany - Yes, Florabella…they are so much fun and easier than building your own for each pic. Have a great day:)