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Summer Vacay

We have been on the road for the last week or so- and still going. First stop was the Farm, then Ohio so Austin could attend lacrosse camp at Ohio State. We are still up here. I only have iPhone pics.

My baby is beautiful <3

It’s just me and the kiddos- weird to be away from Andy for so long. I am missing my house.

Bedtime for Eva involves all kinds of stall tactics

And exercise routine.

@akennemer1 quickly leaves me in his dust on the trail

But we are having fun.

I hope he is watering my plants. Including this one- my only pepper plant left after the deer ate all the rest. I moved it to the balcony- just try to get it now deer!!

Last night the deer came up to our patio and ate every single pepper and tomato off my small container garden- this one was the only plant left- moved it to the balcony where the deer can't reach!

The hammock was waiting at the farm and the first day was breezy and cool.

65 degrees at the farm, for now

That didn’t last

Hammock time

It’s pretty warm now- really really warm

My Carolina blue toenails- don’t my ankles look ginormous?? That’s so funny.

The bottle said coastal breeze- I'm thinking Carolina blue #unc

And then we arrive back in the old hood.

I didn't make him ride there the whole way- promise

We did some boating

@dimarco_polo @akennemer1

Show off @dimarco_polo @akennemer1


Storm blew thru




Lax camp

Lax camp at #osu @akennemer1

That’s all I got for now!

kristen - everybody looks so happy! 🙂