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One of the things I like most about being a mom to a three year old is reading to her the books I read to my 15 year old, when he was a baby.

There is something about the passing of time-of things changing yet some things remaining the same.

I strive to be the same mom for her that I was for him. It’s not always easy, there are two kids in between that need my attention too….

But then I think about both my grandmas- that had big families, way bigger than mine. Both of them had their last baby in their 40’s. That’s a big stretch of babies and kids- starting in their 20’s. I wonder if they thought about how their parenting changed over the years… I know for me- who had my first two kids in my 20’s- well things are different now- on so many levels.

Frequently I think about where were when the first two were little (grad school) and how things are so different now. Not better, not worse- just different. More financial security, less time together.

But this big family love? It’s in my genes- no doubt about it. And I love that.

Some of the best dads I know came from big families or produced big families of their own. Andy and I were talking about it the other day- you have to be a good people person (which makes you good at business person) if you have a big family. You have to be laid back, a problem solver, you need good PEOPLE skills.

Right before we left Ohio one of my fave dads up there said “I love kids- I would take a ton. And dogs. Kids and dogs- its what it’s all about”.

I couldn’t agree more.