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Better late than never- Project Life

I did so well with Project Life for the first part of last year- things dwindled towards fall and winter when we started chatting about moving.

And then the new year rolled around. I really wanted to start back up but with all of my stuff in boxes and no where to actually work on it- well I just gathered stuff and put it in a bag in the closet to work on when we finally found a house.

Now we are 3 months (I think?) into our new house and I am finally getting it out and thinking about it again.

Better late than never #projectlife

It seems the perfect place to start is with the trip we just took to the Outer Banks. I plan to go backward and forward from there.

I don’t give myself lots of rules on it- just get some stuff in there. I have a feeling sometimes it will be all iPhone pics. And that’s ok.

So here is my tip for the day. If you want to print out a bunch of instagram prints and you don’t want to use Photoshop- use the Mosaic Maker. It is so easy. Load them up and print them out.

I did it with these- took 2 minutes. Perfect size for the small spots on in the project life pages.


hannah - Better late than never 🙂 I really should do something like that…only I kind of stink at stuff like that.

Susan - How can I get a larger copy of the picture on the bottom left? I’d like to give it to Luella who wants to paint a beach picture – it would be a good start for her.

e - I emailed the pic to you Susan- let me know if it works.

lori carolina - Uuuugh, I need to do this, I’m so behind in my photo albums and I refuse to give up. lol