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Currituck Lighthouse

One of the fun things about the Outer Banks is the lighthouses.

You have to wait in line to get in, but the line goes quick and fortunately the day we went it wasn’t super hot.

The history is fun to read, even the kiddos got into it.

This picture below cracks me up- Cole….

The care-takers house was so cool, one of them was turned into a little store. The older girls bought books about ghosts on the Outer Banks

This was about the only time I pulled out my big camera. The whole area smelled so good- like Pine. There were ginormous Rosemary bushes everywhere that smelled great too.

As we climbed to the top I felt my knees starting to wobble- it’s high.

But the view is gorgeous

And the breeze feels so good

Have I mentioned that I am happy to be home? I feel like I have been gone all summer. Yesterday morning we got Austin off to camp. I miss him already and his phone died right before he left- he dropped it into the water while fishing at the beach.

Blake is at a sleepover and Cole has a friend sleeping over so I am down a kid, down another kid, and up a kid.

I am trying really hard not to think about school starting in a month. Boo. I love summer.

Blake is missing from the family pic below- he didn’t go to the lighthouse with us.

Gretchen P - great pictures! we hit the Atlantic coast in two weeks for a quick trip to Charleston. I am so excited to be there. The California beach was not fun, too cold. Can’t wait to have my feet in the sand! Looks like NC life is treating you well!

Elizabeths - Those pics from the top of the lighthouse are breath taking!! I love NC or any beach for that matter. Looks like a wonderful time you all had!

Tiffany - Love the view, what a great day out. I can’t believe school starts so soon, only I am hoping to be in our house:) Hope you have a great week.


Julie - Boo on school starting too. I was so sad to be in Target a week or so ago and see the school supplies section.

lori carolina - Wow, these views are amazing, love them all!!! You take beautiful photos and your family is just lovely!:)