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Good Days Bad Days


Eva isn’t the easiest child to parent. She has two modes- on (which is full throttle) and off (which is sleeping). She is a very active kid- always running, jumping, throwing stuff, and she’s really loud. Her fits are big and involve lots of kicking and yelling. Spirited would be a good word to describe her. The bonus of this of course is that she sleeps like a rock.

Her attitude is huge. I honestly never thought I would see such eye rolling and drama from a little three year old but it’s there. Every day.

Usually I can handle it. But we have had a hard couple of days- everyone is still tired from the last beach trip. Especially Cole. He stayed up late almost every night and has been falling apart at the drop of a hat. See he is a bit of a hot head as well.

So having two kids that were flipping yesterday just got on my last nerve. I tried to take them to the pool but Eva pitched a huge kicking and screaming fit and I threw in the towel. It was just one of those days.

Pitching a fit at the pool- some days are hard

Today we are going to stay closer to home. I need to go through closets and do laundry and get things put away. Crossing my fingers that it’s going to be a better day.

Hannah - I’m sorry 🙁 sucky days just suck. Hopefully today will be better.

My kids are a jumbled mess right now…Dmitry is grumpy and mean….yet seems to want 100% of my attention. Sophia is just off…she keeps asking if I’m going to leave her. Yesterday she asked if she might die at 6. Neither kid is sleeping. We are sleeping at moms house all week so it’s another week of everything just being off. Greg is out of town so that just adds to it. I think I’m ready to pitch a fit Eva style myself 🙂 Some days suck….sometimes it lasts longer. Hopefully our families can catch up on some sleep and stop having meltdowns…or at least a couple of 40 year old girls can dream.

Tiffany - Hope you have a good one….I have one just like her:) Only mine does not sleep. LOL!