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Never underestimate the power of a good sweat. It has been two weeks since I hit the trail. I could tell by my mood it was time to get back into.


So true.

Last night I let him eat popcorn for dinner.

A big bowl of popcorn means this boy won't eat dinner...

With cookies for desert. Some days are like that.

I have been making lots of fresh food too. Like salsa verde

Verde salsa- its what's for dinna'

My basil plants are HUGE. So tonight it’s pesto.




We have a ginormous butterfly bush next to our patio- I have never seen so many butterflies before. It’s amazing


And the crepe myrtles look so pretty right now.

All the crepe myrtles are in bloom :)

If it wasn’t so stinkin’ hot I would be out there right now. But for now I will enjoy from the inside, even though our ac isn’t working either. Boo.

Tiffany - Love Crepe myrtles, we had them in our yard in Tn., they are one of my favorite trees…lucky you! Hot here too. 103 yesterday and my parents air overheated, hot, hot day:) Hope all is well.


hannah - My basil is doing great too…I’m thinking of some pesto or a pesto pizza. It’s pretty much the only thing that seems to be doing well in my garden.

Sorry about the AC, that stinks…it’s been crazy hot here I think the hottest day was 108. That is just crazy. I hope the AC gets fixed soon and you can get out and enjoy some cooler days 🙂