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It was so nice having a pool in our backyard at the beach.

We are talking about putting one in here at our house.

It sure would feel good on these humid days!

Cole started camp today, and Blake is at camp. So it’s just me, Eva, Austin, and the plumber this morning.

It’s kinda quiet

Except for Shiloh crying at the back door. She wants in.

Spoiled dog

Hannah - Once my mom sent a bunch of pictures of me to my dad at work. She labeled the envelope with big red words

“Do not bend photos of TOPLESS GIRLS INSIDE”

She thought it was hilarious…since my dad was a missionary and his secretary had to bring him the package. 🙂 That’s what this post reminded me of. I used to run around topless all the time…now I’m 40 so I keep my top on….except for Thursdays. That’s naked day!

angela - So glad to have found your blog!! I live right outside Chapel Hill!! I see you visited Maple View Farm….we Love it!!! Glad you like NC!!