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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Labor Day

I can’t believe it’s here- the official end to summer. We were considering heading over to Bald Head for theView full post »

School- Day Two

Yesterday my kids started school. And it was a weird day. I was all out of sorts in a million and one ways. Eva has beenView full post »

Missing W

Sometimes I really miss my good old midwestern town.  I posted this on my fb page a while back but today it was on ESPNView full post »

Beach Day Two

Sometimes you just get a bunch of bad pics- and that is pretty much the case with pics from this day. But that’sView full post »

Seawatch at Kure Beach

There is an awesome little neighborhood in Kure beach called Seawatch. The houses are bright and happy and drool worthyView full post »

iphone Arm Band

A couple weeks ago I got tired of fighting with Austin over his yucky, stinky black arm band that holds my iPhone. HeView full post »


Back home, doing laundry, settling in, getting ready for school to start…. Love the beach.View full post »

Beach Time

Just a brief check-in from the beach This time we are at Kure Beach, near Wilmington It’s a cute littleView full post »


Who agrees that insurance should cover beach therapy? Does the beach help soothe your soul? When we lived in Ohio IView full post »

Wing Nut

That is what I have felt like lately. Just a little off. Trying to do too much, and taking it out on everyone. I knew IView full post »

iPhone dump

My big camera has been in hiding. Actually my iPhone camera has been hiding too while we work on boys rooms and I workView full post »


My to-do list is a mile long. The house is wrecked- needs major cleaning paint Austin’s room make Austin’sView full post »

Blake’s room

It’s still a work in progress but I thought I would show it as we go along. And here it is after the paint ThisView full post »


After we moved into this house and I got 3/4ths of it unpacked I hit the wall and couldn’t do anymore. I haveView full post »


A couple days ago Eva started getting up really early and coming out of her room. Her naps have gotten shorter andView full post »