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I don’t get it

A couple months ago Austin told me that nobody uses Facebook anymore. Since he is 15, I kinda thought he may know what he is talking about.

He said that he didn’t like it because it was depressing. People kept posting pics of kids with cancer saying “like this if you think he/she is beautiful” and stuff like that. He said it just made him sad.

I had to agree, and I have been using my “block” button more and more. You send me multiple game requests- block. You post picture after picture of animal cruelty- block. Don’t get me wrong. I HATE animal cruelty, more than most. I just can’t take seeing it every time I turn on my computer. I also don’t want to hear about how great your kid is, over and over. I don’t want to know about every single goal they made and basket they scored. I get it, you love your kids, I love mine too. Let them brag about their own accomplishments.

I always find myself checking out of fb during election times, it’s just tiring to read the same old banter back and forth. It’s just a no brainer. It’s like the people that bring up politics every single time you see them, even though you agreed to disagree years ago. That’s what Facebook has become. So much wasted energy.

But lately it has gone above and beyond what I feel like needs to be a part of my every day life. I find myself getting frustrated and honestly wasting my time. I don’t go on fb to stir the pot or change peoples ideas and opinions, I go on to see what people are up to. I don’t want to argue, I just want to say hi.

People have different opinions on well just about everything, which is what makes life interesting. That is never going to change. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having an opinion, but sometimes it is ok to have a quiet opinion. And I am choosing to make mine quiet.

So I am checking out of facebook, at least for a bit. I am only going to use my biz page- to post new products and discounts and maybe the sweet face of a certain little girly I know. And see how that goes.

And speaking of biz stuff, Fall is around the corner and I am getting so excited for our new fabrics!!

Here is a sneak peak

My boy comes home today and this Mama is happy!!! I thought I was going to have them all back in the next until school starts but Austin was just invited to spend the week at the beach so off he goes again.

Ginky - I sooooo agree with you about FB. I block so much stuff anymore I am with you and Austin. Think I will spend my extra time playing games or something, challenging my mind. lol

Ginny John - This fabric is okay, but how about some Marine Corps green?

Hannah - Same here. I am so over FB. I’ve only been keeping it to keep an eye on Dmitry’s facebook and make sure he is not plotting to put me in a nursing home….and because of my photography page…not that I post much on it. I thought you had to have a personal page to keep your business page.

Instagram is way cooler than FB. Last month I had a woman email me three times to ask why I de-friended her LAST YEAR. She even tried to guilt me into adding her again. I didn’t…I’ve blocked a ton of people too.

Susan - I’m going to follow in your footsteps – hate that I let myself get sucked in to the Chick-fil-A stuff today. I’ve deleted all the political posts, blocked a few folks, and only happy no-stress things now. I’ve tweaked nearly everyone’s account with me so I won’t get those things you mentioned above. Thanks for the nudge on my conscience. There will be enough political stuff going out on tv and in the papers between now and the election. I don’t have to see it here. Good going, sweetie!

elizabeths - Yeah my oldest 15 yr old said a long time ago no one goes on FB anymore. He uses tweeter and Instagram. But yeah I get tired of the BS too on FB especially the political jargon.

elizabeths - I did not just say tweeter..lol I mean Twitter and I love this fabric!

Helen - I checked out of facebook about months ago now a nd it’s been the best thing I’be done in a long time. You don’t realise what a negative effect it can have on your creativity, self confidence, sanity even. It’s like escaping the matrix!! Lol.

Gretchen P - very well said! very true about FB. I said my piece yesterday, and it was just that we all need to be nice to one another. Hope the beach week goes fast for Austin, so you can have all of your babies home.

Sara Mangan - Oh, I am right there with you about FB. I deleted my account in Feb. and it’s the best thing I have ever done. No more reading about people’s drama, etc. It was wearing me out. I do miss seeing pictures of my high school and college classmates’ kids and chatting with them. I just have to be better and emailing them.

The longer you are away from it the crazierit seems. It really does suck the life out of you