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A couple days ago Eva started getting up really early and coming out of her room. Her naps have gotten shorter and shorter.

The bad thing is that Eva needs sleep. But now that she knows she can get up and leave her room whenever, she just does.

So when she got up at 6:30 the other morning, it was an ugly ugly day. She was a hot mess the entire day.

At one point when Austin changed the channel from Dora to the Olympics she flew across the couch, jumped on him, and screamed in his ear at the top of her lungs.

We looked at each other and said, “wow, did her head just spin around?”

The only solution on days like those is to go outside and play with water.

And it’s good to wear safety goggles because water can get in your eyes.

It’s hard being three.

ginky - Makes me tired just reading this, wish she would share her energy.